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The Buttonbar Applet

So here are some examples of HTML code as well as some examples of how this applet could be used in a reasonable way...

An example of HTML code would be this (it's the code for the applet in the left frame):

<applet code="Buttonbar.class" name=buttonbarapplet width=160 height=270>
<param name=normbutton value="mainbutton.gif">
<param name=highlbutton value="mainbuttonhighl.gif">
<param name=pressedbutton value="mainbuttonpressed.gif">
<param name=buttonstaypressed value="true">
<param name=defaultdestframe value="buttonbarmainframe">
<param name=defaultfontcolor value="white">
<param name=backgroundimage value="parchment.jpg">
<param name=pressedsound value="">

<param name=buttontext1 value="Buttonbar Main">
<param name=statusmessage1 value="The Main Page">
<param name=desturl1 value="buttonbar_mainframe.html">
<param name=fontstyle1 value="bold">

<param name=buttontext2 value="Parameters">
<param name=statusmessage2 value="Description of the parameters needed">
<param name=desturl2 value="buttonbar_parameters.html">

<param name=buttontext3 value="HTML Code">
<param name=statusmessage3 value="How to embed the applet in a HTML page">
<param name=desturl3 value="buttonbar_htmlcode.html">

<param name=buttontext4 value="Examples">
<param name=statusmessage4 value="Examples for useful possibilities to embed the applet">
<param name=desturl4 value="buttonbar_examples.html">

<param name=buttontext5 value="Special Features">
<param name=statusmessage5 value="Some really cool and extraordinary features">
<param name=desturl5 value="buttonbar_specialfeatures.html">

<param name=buttontext6 value="History">
<param name=statusmessage6 value="Description of all versions and the improvements">
<param name=desturl6 value="buttonbar_history.html">

<param name=buttontext7 value="Author Info">
<param name=statusmessage7 value="Who is able to create such an amazing applet?">
<param name=desturl7 value="buttonbar_authorinfo.html">

<param name=buttontext8 value="Download">
<param name=statusmessage8 value="Download now - it's free!">
<param name=desturl8 value="buttonbar_download.html">

<param name=buttontext9 value="Back to my Java Site">
<param name=statusmessage9 value="My site which is dedicated to Java">
<param name=desturl9 value="realindex.html">
<param name=destframe9 value="_parent">
<param name=fontstyle9 value="italic">


If you would like to display your buttonbar horizontally this is also no problem. You just have to set the "orientation" parameter properly and change width and height.