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The Buttonbar Applet

The current version is V1.3, which was compiled with the JDK 1.1.5.

V1.3 - I added the possibility to use different images for each button. The initialization process has got its own thread now, allowing me to display the status of initialization in the applet area before the loading was finished. The font color can now be defined the same way like in HTML - with three hexadecimal numbers. I also implemented the option of defining a sound which is played when a button is highlighted and when a button is pressed.

V1.21 - almost the same like V1.2. I added the features "DEFAULTDESTFRAME", which allows it to specify a default destination frame. The first "Special Feature" has been embedded. And, finally, I cleaned up the source a bit.

V1.2 - After a friend asked me to make just a few, simple modifications I began to rewrite my applet and what was meant to be just a minor improvement turned out to be a major update. Anyway, there are several new options, the most interesting being that it's now possible to create horizontal buttonbars! You can also define new default values for the font name, font color, font style and font size, which is easier than to change the font properties for each button manually. Another cool option is "BUTTONSTAYPRESSED", which means that the button which was pressed indicates by remaining pressed where on a site the viewer currently is. You can also specify a so called "status bar message", which means that when the mouse arrow is over a button a short statement appears in the status bar of your browser. These were the major improvements, some minor ones are:

V1.1 - There were many changes. The best improvement is that it's now possible to create as many buttons as one whishes to have (in V1.0b you were limited to 10 buttons). Furthermore it is now possible to set the font and font color for every single button, you're not  bound to the default values any longer. One can also skip the parameters which are not vital, i.e. FONTSTYLE. If one skips one of these parameters the default values will be used instead. I also changed or rewrote the whole paint() method, respectively. In fact, I rewrote the whole applet, but used parts of the code of V1.0b. Anyway, now the applet is much more logical in its structure, which will make it easier for me to embed new features.

V1.0b - First version which was ever released. The b strands for beta, which doesn't necessarily mean that there was a final version...