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by Dirk Middendorf, © 1998



This applet allows you to create animated buttonbars like the one in the left frame. You give the applet the button images for each condition: normal, highlighted and pressed. Either you use just one image for each condition, or you use different images for every button - that's up to you. You also specify which text the buttons shall bear and which font and color the text has. If you like to you can define a text which appears in the status bar of the browser when the mouse is over a button. Define a background image and use transparent GIFs to embed the buttonbar perfectly in your site. You can also make horizontal buttonbars. And if you wish you can define a sound which will be played when the mouses switches buttons or when a button is pressed. To put it in a nutshell: this applet is the perfect tool to add a cool buttonbar to your site!


This applet is freeware except for companies and governmental institutions, which have to pay 10US$! Contact me for payment procedures.
Actually I want it to be spreaded, since this is what I made it for. But if you do so, please stick to the following rules:
Thank you.
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