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This site is a comprehensive resource containing hundreds of links to sites of interest to teachers, students and parents.


Where can you go when you want a comprehensive site for research? At Hyperhistory Online, you can search by event or by person. Zero in on a time period and find the extensive listings, time lines and links to great resources. I find the time lines a wonderful way to explore many subjects. It's even a great place for pictures of Art masterpieces.

Nobel Prize Archives

At the Nobel Prize Archives, you will can search by prize category or go to an alphabetical listing of all recipients of a Nobel Prize. An excellent site for studies in Literature or Science.

Inventors & Inventions

When you get to this page look for the link for "Inventors A-Z" or "Inventions A-Z".

Amazing Picture Machine

An interesting search engine to fine pictures on the Web

Statistics Canada

Search Canadian communities for comparisons in education, revenue, population. Find out what percentage of the population is employed in primary, secondary or tertiary industries. Offers many possibilities for students studying regions of Canada and learning to read statistical information.

Puzzle Factory

Tangrams and other challenging and fun puzzles