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September is a good time of the year to gather corn stalks and ears to use as subjects. After instruction in line quality, students observe the veins in the leaves and stalks and try to draw them as they see them. Thus, they achieve the illusion of 3D in their drawing.


Bobby Black

 Shelley Stone




Upper Right: Students cut out a magazine picture of an athletic figure. With tempera, they work with values from white to gray, to achieve the appearance of motion.

The remaining three pictures of this set were studies of shiny objects. The top left was scanned from a photocopy I've had for several years. The original work was every bit as striking as the two below. In this assignment, students observe and draw the shape and value of reflections in the subject. In this work I aim to have the students get away from simply drawing contours which tend to flatten an image, and work toward depicting the 3 dimensional form. This depiction comes about naturally as they work from their observations.


 Jasmine Adams  Alyssa Dubberke

More Examples