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It's Magic

A few years ago I participated in a conference called "It's Magic", sponsored by the New Brunswick Teachers' Association. It's the best term I can find to describe some of the many experiences I've had as a teacher. There are so many magical things that happen, that we could never engineer. The moment when the timing is just right and learning takes place, or just a moment you'd like to hang onto because there's something special about it. Often since that conference I've stopped to appreciate the moment and I think to myself, "It's Magic".


That gives you the background on my Web site name, however my site is not primarily about teaching nor my philosophy of education. When I began to build this site, I simply wanted to share some inspiration whether from poetry, quotes, photography or experiences. I have an educational background in Art, but I like to think of Art as a way of life. Or better still, life as a work of Art. How about the term, "Artful living"? It all fits; each person living life to the fullest.


 Words A taste of etymology
 Quotes When_______speaks, everybody listens!
 Poetry My collection of a few favourites and links to others.
Photo Gallery  Photos by season, photos by region (I enjoy photography, hope you enjoy my pictures.)
 Kids' Stuff An attempt to share a few magic moments, some special memories in my teaching experience. I invite you to share yours.
 Art Some projects the students enjoy. (Design, sculpture, kites)

Research &




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See CareerDoc, a comprehensive site containing 100's of links on career development and educational resources. Or see my list of places I consider the best for research in various subjects.

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