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I have attempted to organize the art projects in terms of elements and principles of design. Though a project may focus on a specific aspect of art, you will find that any of the sample projects develop the student's awareness and control of the elements and principles. Throughout any art production activity, one must never forget the importance of the development of creativity and imagination.

In developing creativity and self-expression, a person becomes more resourceful and develops the ability to solve real life problems. I believe that an education in and through the arts; music, dance and art, will lead to a richer, fuller life.

Over this next year, I intend to include examples of activities that are excellent for challenging a student to think divergently and creatively. I've never photographed the work in the past because, essentially, they are the type of projects in which the most important part is the process and not the final product. However, I would like to share some of these ideas with you in the near future.

If you are a teacher or just have an interest in Art Education, I welcome any ideas you have. Perhaps I could add them to this small bank of ideas.

You may visit my art pages following the links in the chart below or you may wish to view the exhibit page by page. There are presently 5 pages of art projects. Click on the bullet to view the page.

 Negative Space, Figure Drawing, Acrylic Painting  Plaster Masks
 Line, Value and Shading to achieve illusion of form  
 Tagboard Prints and Lino Prints  Box Art

 Space Awareness and Template Compositions to depict Movement
 Paper Sculpture  Construction Paper Masks

 Elements of Design  Principles of Design
  • movement
  • balance
  • rhythm
  • emphasis
  • unity
  • variety


The above reproduction of David's Napoleon gives students practice in observation, negative space, proportion and provides an excellent opportunity to have students work co-operatively on a project. A picture was cut into small pieces approximately 1"x1". A larger square sheet of white paper as well as one of the small picture sections was given to each student of a grade eight class. These were reproduced in black tempera . This work measures 5'x6'.



Setting the atmosphere with dramatic lighting and draping figures with sheets is a way to motivate students to hone their observation skills and give practice in many aspects of drawing such as negative space, proportion and perspective. This example also provides students with an opportunity to work on the range of values (black, grays, white) in the picture.


Introduction to colour and acrylic paint

Reproduction of a masterpiece by Copley

Approximately 4'x6'

Acrylic on masonite


Reproduction of Oath of the Horatii by David

Approximately 4'x7'

Acrylic on masonite


After studying basic colour theory, a small copy of each masterpiece was cut into small sections. Each student, while working in collaboration with other members of the class, was responsible to reproduce one section of the painting. This project provides the student with an excellent opportunity to gain confidence with the medium.


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