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This project is an all-time favourite for students grades 7 and up. The masks are made of plaster bandages, the type used for making casts which can be purchased at art supply stores. Only students who feel comfortable about having the material on their face do this activity, usually everyone participates because it is so interesting and so much fun.

Check beforehand if there are any skin sensitivities. Apply a light coat of petroleum jelly to the face, and fasten hair back so it does not get stuck to the mask. Dip small strips of the bandage into water and apply to the face leaving the nostrils open and criss crossing the strips to increase the strength of the mask. When the mask feels hard to touch (approximately 15-20 minutes), have student scrunch his/her face and remove the mask. Student should keep eyes closed until the remaining plaster can be washed of so as not to irritate the eyes.

When dry, paint with tempera paint or if budget permits, acrylic paints.

More Examples