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The Buttonbar Applet


This part is easier than you might think. All applets are embedded in the same way: with the applet tag. You have to create or open the .HTML file in which you want to insert the Buttonbar Applet with a plain text editor (like Notepad). Now search the place you consider a convenient one *g*. There's only one rule. It has to be between the <body> and the </body> tag, since this is where everything goes to which will appear in the page later on...

Write this:

<applet code="Buttonbar.class" width=calculated number height=calculated number>

You have to calculate the width and height of the applet manually. The formulas are:

For vertical buttonbars (default):

For horizontal buttonbars: Be exact with these numbers, otherwise exceptions might occur!

Now the parameters: As you certainly have read in the parameters section of the documentation, the applet gets the information about how to behave via the parameters. A parameter is specified like this:

<param name=parametername value="value of this parameter">

Please refer to the parameters section for info on how and which parameters have to be specified. Just this: Watch whether to use upper or lower case! Many "unexplicable" errors are due to wrong written file names...

If you need examples refer to the examples section of this documentation.

Do not forget:

You have to set the end of the <applet> tag with